Uniqueness, style and passion
for Italian furniture.

For over 20 years, we have been combining our love
for design and elegance to a particular attention to
detail, quality and value of raw materials.

Unmistakeable style and uniqueness.

Oliver B. Group is an Italian company founded in 1999, from the partnership between the Segala family and Oliver Bucher. It is based in Verona - a city whose architecture amazes the entire world, and with staggering entrepreneurial stories. Today, Oliver B. exports furniture and accessories - halfway between premium quality and luxury - all over the world.

Despite being firmly rooted to its territory and to Italian industrial tradition, it managed to transform itself into a brand beloved and appreciated all over the world. Oliver B. products exude a complex allure, made up of ancient know-how and absolute care, and also of research for new materials and new style paradigms.

Complementi d'arredo - Oliver B.

Italian excellence, design and technology.

In the furniture sector, Italy is synonym with excellence, design and technology. Behind the Italian model, there is the ability to join different aspects: know-how and savoir vivre, aspiration to beauty and cost-effectiveness. In short, there is the ability to imagine and create harmony. Oliver B. production is anything but static.

Our catalogue includes some evergreens, and then a great number of products constantly being developed. Production is organized into three catalogues - from entry level luxury to higher-end design - and it addresses both tradition-lovers and those who are looking for new ways to recount their spaces.

Arredamento Made in Italy - Oliver B. Contract chiavi in mano - Oliver B.

Elegance, creativity and signature design.

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